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Région d'activité : Île-de-France

Numéro ORIAS : 22002636


Two sides of the business for Think Insurtech SAS:

  1. SaaS Software editor – Value chain of distribution – Marketplace software in PMI IPMI – White label Insurance Broker (Technology Angular/Loopback/Node JS/React) including Integration CRM Pipedrive/Slack/Signaturit electronic advanced signature/ OCR identy verification/Stripe payment reconciliation/Mailchimp, Mailgun for automation notification etc.

Automation process (website: )  & Think Insurtech as a healthcare Marketplace for both PMI and IPMI in French and English with multiple currencies

  1. MGA with Axa Life & Health solution, Axa Global Healthcare & Axa Mansard and a range of medical insurance plan ThinkCare Africa dedicated to individual/families & corporate (Website:

The Think Insurtech SaaS platform process in B2C for Broker & B2B as provider with a network:

  • There is an online webform to collect the clients information, which goes into a CRM and the clients personal data is securely held on an external cloud.
  • Following the client’s needs are discussed – typically remotely on a video call. The system has an algorithm where you can select the required benefits and it displays the plans that match this criteria.
  • Once the plans are selected the system shows a line by line comparison of the benefits, premium etc.
  • Next to select several plans, typically 4 which can be viewed side by side to give a detailed comparison, helping the client to understand the benefits of each plan; following based on the clients feedback to make a written recommendation.
  • The  SaaS Platform has a range of templates that can be customized and branded where the brokers or insurance agent can send the quotes via email in HTML Format or PDF Form including: Policy documentation, pricing, table of benefits, application, etc. The SaaS platform allows providers to manage B2B access, engage customers digitally with a unique customer journey (digital enrolment, advanced electronic signature, KYC collection, OCR control of identities, payments and automation with reconciliation and manages (welcome pack, insurance certificates, invoicing, taxes, promotional code, database of clients etc).Moreover, the process takes only a few minutes, allowing the agent or broker more time to learn of the clients needs, wants and budget requirements and to give the best recommendation based on their criteria – all in real time.

For both insurers and brokers, Think Insurtech offers a tool to increase productivity, boost sales, offering a better customer experience and journey. The CRM tracks the entire process, and sales activities. The tracking functions are built in monitoring, KPI, time to close a sale, churn, reason, won-loss, revenue and projections etc.  The SaaS platform allows for multiple currencies, and it’s both in French and English. Given the nature of insurance and fragmented distribution via brokers, there are very few 3rd party products of this kind on the market globally. Given the growth in Africa of the insurance sector this tool can increase productivity, reduce costs and  improve customer service dramatically.
As a SaaS platform, the system is scalable and can support a single broker/agent up to very large insurers; at a fraction of the cost if it were developed in-house. The platform can be used for both – international plans IPMI and domestic plans PMI.


SAS Think Insurtech – Capital €550 000 – RCS Nanterre 910 907 005
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